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Now after going through all of this, I feel that I had experienced an amazing moment of my life it is the time when I really find out who I am and whom I should trust it's like I had climbed a mountain and from its top view everything becomes very simple.

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I am an ordinary boy who wants to understand this universe and want to set an example for future generation I feel so lucky that I had been through such a hard path I may have lost my path sometime but when I come back to my right track the happiness I feel is much more than anything now I realized that I should spend my life with someone who can understand me and really I have these people with me on my entire journey only it took me a little longer time to realize it.

Now I don't care if anyone likes me or not but I will always like everyone because I know they are also struggling with the same problem that I had experienced I was shocked when I observe that there are many people who die without enjoying their life. I don't know if I am wrong but do you know what is right or wrong we are just doing what we feel and the world starts labeling all their actions as right and wrong then everyone has to spend their whole life based on these labels. I also had tried to close my mouth and softly followed what others want me to do for them but now it just feels like a prisoner its crazy that's not anyone's fault because they had trained to be a person like this and now they want me to be like them or be just what they had not been in their life so what about my own life I also have my own dreams. Therefore I don't care what they want I had left their thinking in a town far away from my present location. Once I was also a child and everything I felt was a part of who I am now and I know I am not alone there are many change-makers in the world.

It's time to leave my mind, goodbye

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