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I know how many times I get messed up but my guilt is that I trusted wrong person It will be great if I have a sixth sense to understand people whom I meet let's talk about real life and I don't have any sixth sense I don't understand why my friends try to hide their true identity I watch and listen to them quietly and when I see anyone alone I ask them that is everything fine if not then I use my words very wisely so they don't feel bad. I never want to hurt anyone sometimes it just happens and the guilt I feel is inescapable I never want to be rude to anyone but they are rude to me most of the time it's a guilt that I can never leave.

I will never feel this guilt if they do not pretend like this when we first meet It's hard to think that now I have to start it all over again. This guilt had given me a bigger disadvantage now I can't trust people easily I do not get too close to them. That's how they will never know my secrets and I will always be uncovered. I also had guilt that people judge me based on their own knowledge. I don't know at what age I started to judge myself on parameters set by other people.


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