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w2elatin > From anxiety to heavenly arts > 1 1 - A fatefull encounter
" Just another pointless day at school... "

Eric sights as he continues looking at the teacher giving a lecture, but soon he finds himself dozing off into subconciousness.

" Lawrence " ... " Hey Lawrence!!! "

Eric hears his last name being called, so he suddenly regains conciousness and as he is looking trough the class he notices everyone is staring at him including the teacher.

" Are my lessons that boring to you!? When will you come to your senses boy... " Teacher

disappointedly says.

Most of the class is giggling, which makes Eric very uncomfortable.

" Scum " Eric thinks to himself. " All of you are the same, blinded by their own egos, fame, money, i hate all of you... "

Class ended and a couple of shady looking upperclassmen came in looking for someone. That someone was Eric. They have been bullying him since grade school, not a single one of his classmates stood up for him but kept watching and avoiding eye contact as he was being tormented for years. That caused Eric to become anti social, anxious and full of hate for others.

" Hey loser, did you already forget about todays lunch huh!? " One of the upperclassmen approaches him and slams his head onto the table. " We take a break from school for 1 week and you already forget about us!? That requires further discipline! " The other guy kicks Eric out of the chair, making Eric fall on the ground. Eric starts apologizing while holding his nose with his hand to stop the bleeding. " I am so sorry Mr. Mark and Mr. Aaron! I didn't know you were coming today. I'm going to buy it right now! Aaron stops him by grabbing his shoulder.

" Wait! I bought these shoes for 1000$, I've dirtied them because you made me kick you, so you better pay up 100$ for expenses right now or else!!! "

Eric turns around in disbelief and he gets punched one more time to the stomach, making him almost puke out his breakfast.

" Don't make me repeat myself, you trash! "

Aaron shouts in a threatening manner and grabs Eric by his shirt collar. As Aaron is about to hit Eric again a shiny white sword, shinier than the full moon, suddenly flies in the classroom trough the window, and impales itself into the floor in between Aaron

and Eric, separating the two of them.

" What the heck is this thing? " Eric barely mumbles while terrified.

" That's not a thing, that's white heavenly piercer! " A loud voice is heard troughout the classroom and an old man appeares on the window, making all of the kids drop their jaws, including the two of the bullies. He is wearing Yellow robes and he has a long white hair and beard.

"This is the third floor, how did he get up here!?" Eric thinks to himself.

Who could this mysterious old man be? What is with this strange white sword? You will find out in the next chapter...

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