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"So, we need to stop at Marystown?" asked the blue-haired chronicler.

"Yes. So we can buy everything you need. Leonardo, you take care of the food. Skull and I will go but a Log Pose. Since Deuce is going to take care of Ace, Taiyou is free to do everything he wants." ordered Mira.

"I will take care of it, Mira-san." the cook said.

"Deuce, be sure he doesn't start a fire all of a sudden," I informed him.

"Don't worry. I can handle this," he assured me.

"I don't need a babysitter. I won't need to fight as long as those guys don't use Sea Stone." the captain of the Spade Pirates whined.

"There is a marine base there so I will go with you to avoid gathering attention."

"Marines. Only Mira has fought them until now. How strong are those low-ranks?" Ace wondered.

"I was strong enough to take down a Marine Captain. So monsters like you guys will be okay." Mira said proudly.

"Skull said you took him down with luck and you were totally exhausted. Don't act though and just tell the truth, idiot." I stated.

As her back was faced towards me, her head turned 360°.

Her face looked like that of a devil.

"YOU BASTARD!" she raged.

Her body faced me as well and started walking slowly.

"Oi. Wait and I will apologize."

She rushed towards and unexpectedly kicked my family gems.

At Marine Base Marystown...

A woman in her late twenties was sitting behind her bureau and looking at six bounty posters.

She had white short hair, abs of steel and scars all over her body.

I never thought that guy would exist.

The son of the Pirate King.

The bounty of the swordsman of his crew got risen too.

Portgas D. Ace 'Fire Fist' with a bounty of 50.000.000 Belly.

Ichihara Taiyou 'Dark Prince from 5.000.000 Belly to 40.000.000 Belly.

Masked Deuce "Dealer" with a bounty of 30.000.000 Belly.

Leonardo Vincianti "Wind God" with a bounty of 27.000.000 Belly.

Skull "Dead Shot" with a bounty of 15.000.000.

Mira "Spitfire" with a bounty of 7.000.000.

The Spade Pirates bounty is in total 169.000.000 Belly.

That kid Ace has some balls to invite the 2 sons of pirates to his crew.

This group basically has a warning danger above their heads.

The fact that Ichihara Taiyou who came from the New World is coming here is already dangerous.

Me fighting him is like an old cat fighting a proud young lion.

I thought he would join the Revolutionary Army.

Troublesome, troublesome.

This is too troublesome.

While I was rubbing my head someone knocked on the door.

"Enter," I ordered.

My cute ensign entered my office with a serious look.

"Captain Melissa, I have patrolled the area and I haven't found anything strange or disturbing." said the ensign.

"Good work, Isuka. Tell the Marines to stay cautious and I guess I need to patrol as well." I said.

"Hai, Captain Melissa."

Always seeing this girl washes my headaches away.

She is so cute unlike m

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