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Mira POV

I was walking around with Skull to get everything we need at the cheapest price.

But with Skull next to me he said to me to buy the cheap but durable stuff.

Looking for a Log pose would be literally impossible all alone because of every shop that sold maps and compasses was closed.

Did the Marine know already we were coming here?

But we don't have to worry because we have Skull here.

The man who might know people all over the world and knows a lot about the history of everything.

It's funny to see Taiyou's face when he heard he was intelligent.

We went to an underground bar of the friend of Skull.

His friend, the bartender waved excitedly towards us.

We sat down in front of him.

"Skull, it has been a while!" greeted the bartender.

"Yo, Bartok. I have been wanting to meet you about that matter," Skull replied.

"Yeah, I have bought that for you. It almost gave me a shock when I read your letter. But you bounties makes it all sense. But you guys sure are impressive to get such bounties already. As expected of the crew of the pirate king's son."

"Bounties? Since when did we acquire bounty?" I asked.

"Not long ago. I have them here." He answered me while grabbing the bounty posters in a closet below him.

Skull an I looked at the bounty posters with a gaping mouth.

"This must be the revenge from the Marine Captin and Franklin. Giving us such a bounty on our heads means we have to the runway a lot." Skull stated.

I cursed them inside my head.

"And the most troublesome persons of our crew are all alone now. I don't want to see my friends blasting houses, burning the whole city and cutting everyone up. How are we gonna deal with this?" I agonized when I was imagining it in front of me.

"The best way to deal with this is to go the Grand Line as fast as possible. Since our crew has a total bounty of 169.000.000 Belly." Skull suggested.

I nodded towards him.

"I will go and let Deuce notify him about our bounties and the Marine that is aiming for us," said Skull.

"Wait what about me?" I asked him.

"This will be our gathering point so stay here," he ordered me.

When he ordered me with such a serious voice I could only now and look towards him leaving.

"Lady, do you want a drink? It's on the house." Bartok asked.

I can't refuse a free offer.

"Here." He said while giving me a big glass of sake.

I looked at the drink but was interrupted by hearing someone who was mocking.

"Look at that little girl."

"By the first sip so will get down already."

"Let's have a taste of her then."

They whispered among each other.

I slammed the bar and got the attention of everyone.

"I'm Mira of the Spade Pirates with a bounty of 7.000.000. You think of me lightly, right? Bartok, give all the sake to me. I will drink over under the table and this bar will be ruled by the Spade Pirates." I announced.

"It's on, little girl!"

"You better not run away later!"

What did I get myself in?

Why did I open that big mouth of me?

But I can't run away.

The pride of the crew and my pride as a woman is at stake.

Leonardo POV

I was planning to buy food enough for 3 months but knowing our captain I doubled it.

This would be much easier if there weren't so many scammers and good quality products for an expensive price then this would have cost less time

I wonder if there is a way to get a huge amount of good quality food for a cheap price.

"Everyone! Attention, please! This is a special event organized by me, Richard. If you win of my athlete Musashi with arm wrestling here you will get food enough for 1 year. To try this you have to pay 5.000.000 Belly" Richard announced.

Did God hear my voice?

I put my hands together and prayed

"Please give me 10 billion Belly."


My prayer was answered with a scream from a participant from the event.

Musashi had broken the arm

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