Reenaazhary My last day with you
Sandra's severe trauma causes her not to talk to anyone but Rya tries to find out about Sandra with a sincere heart and try to open the mask that Sandra wears
Lord_of_Potatoes Godking Ascending the Heavens
A rising god known as the Ascendant Sun is betrayed by the Ninth Heaven. Billions of years later, a young orphan boy finds a snarky, amnesiac ring. Arrogantly, it asks him: [Do you want to become undefeatable under the Heavens?] "Under the Heavens? The Heavens exist to be trodden beneath my feet!" Van shamelessly replies. [I will protect my little sister! I will find out why my parents abandoned...
Samyra695 Lost and Found Love
She was the one who confronted him in his bad times, sacrificed her love for him because he loved someone else and months later what she heard him whispering.. "She made me a murderer, for the sake of our friendship I killed my feelings.."
AAN Hands Of Heaven
A young man is on a journey to find his father after his sudden disappearance. With not much to go on, he commences his search for clues, as a darker plan falls into play. Nothing is as it seems. And the strange is commonplace. This will be very short, and bizarre.
Eternidades The Vaarin Accounts: Thunderbird
Kirania can't take it anymore. She has been beaten, lied to, and trained to become a weapon. So she does the most foolhardy thing she could think of, and that's run away. With Hunters on her tail set on returning her home, she must do everything in her power to avoid capture. But it won't be enough without some help from a young couple traveling through the forest. Welcome to Calehdon.