DragonTreasures Celestial Dragon King, Harem Emperor
Celestial Fire Dragons are the most tyrannical beast in all of existence. Whatever they want, not a single person will dare stop them from succeeding. Okano Kansuke becomes a Celestial Fire Dragon in human form. Not only does every women he want fall for him. If he runs into any adversaries, you can be sure they will be thoroughly humiliated by his overwhelming power. In a world...
Eternidades The Vaarin Accounts: Thunderbird
Kirania can't take it anymore. She has been beaten, lied to, and trained to become a weapon. So she does the most foolhardy thing she could think of, and that's run away. With Hunters on her tail set on returning her home, she must do everything in her power to avoid capture. But it won't be enough without some help from a young couple traveling through the forest. Welcome to Calehdon.
Alucard704 Unexpected job
Jurgen is one of the millions who is willing to do anything to get a decent job with decent salary. One day he found a job employment agency who are seeking for a hard working person
OnyxOmen Blighted
[Project for School] Leo Foxe, walking around the parts of Miami, until one day. Looks up at the sky, to see something glowing in the sky. Affecting him. He felt an irritation then it became pain. He passed out like a wuss. "Hey are you talking about me?" His current life, shattered after that day. "Hey, shut up." Who knew after that, he became a supernatural. *cough* "Cursed, you moron...

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