MotivatedSloth Road to the Crown
Discord link: Political marriage, war taxes, subsidies, a tribute... All those terms sound nice when one juggles them from behind the screen of his trusty computer! Junk food? Check. Sugary drinks that will cause me diabetes? Check. Two weeks of leave from the work? Check. A fresh copy of the newly released game finishing downloading as I'm going back from the grocery...
LycanBlood The brother's journey
I'm the little brother of Issei the hero... but why should there be only one hero and why should the heroes have to work together. I'll take my own path. Disclaimer-I do not own the original story or the art.
Orike Demiworld: Laum
What am I if I were not to become what I supposed to? That the question rang on my head when I took my first step inside the ‘ship’. I was going away from my hometown, from my family, from my fate. I feel like my dignity was stripped in exchange of – To the unbeknownst far lands to me, I was going to a journey. No, perhaps I would be facing could here. Thinking about that, It made me more dispirited...

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